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Welcome to the OMS, Inez Clemmer Library

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Welcome Back to School!!!  2017/18 school year 

Note from Librarian:

We willl start off the year with library orientation for 6th graders and just a refresher for 7th and 8th grades. I ordered a lot of exciting fiction and nonfiction books over the summer and I am catalogging them , so they are ready for checkout in the library!!!  Great selections and new series are awaiting you all!!!!  Come checkout your library!!!!

Thank you, Mrs. Williams: Librarian






Remember, reading 20min a day will help you to:

·        Be ready for school
·        Get better grades throughout school
·        Get a better job
·        Be more likely to succeed in life
·        Be happier as an adult, with higher self-esteem 



--Mrs. Audrey Williams: Librarian


Library Mission Statement 



The mission of the Inez Clemmer Library Media Program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information and to encourage leisure of worthwhile materials.  The library media program is fully integrated into the school's curriculum and supports the educational goals and the instructional objectives at Ocoee Middle School. 


Students may come to the library to:  READ, CHECKOUT AND RETURN BOOKS, STUDY, TAKE A.R. TESTS, DO RESEARCH, DO HOMEWORK or work on school related projects.

Scheduling and Use Policy of the Inez Clemmer/OMS Library:

  • Teachers and other staff members are welcome to schedule class time when library opens.
  • All events will be listed on the library calendar page for patron convienence
  • Each Language Arts teacher can schedule library classes with us throughout the school year. Teachers will have a planned activity for students while in the library.  Librarian and assistant will provide enrichment and direction.  Books can be pulled for special projects upon request by the Language Arts teacher.  

Student Library use Policy:

The OMS Library is open to students from 7:30-3:30 daily.  During the school day, students may come to the library on an individual pass or an agenda signed by a teacher.  

Students are welcome to:

  •   Return a book or check out library material
  •   Use the library electronic or print resources
  •   Recreational reading of magazines or books
  • Must have gaurdians permission to read YA (young adult) books. This could include health books(parts of the body), and WELLNESS plus Character Education BOOKS
  •   Study on an individual basis or checkout on a teacher signed pass (limit 5 students per pass from classroom)



Library Rules:
  • Respect yourself, others, and their property
  • Be attentive and on task
  • Be responsible.  Students should have their library card with them to check out materials.
  • Students coming to the library on an individual basis must sign in
  • Students are allowed to check out two books at a time with their library card
  • Students are allowed to keep checked out materials for 28 days
  • Students can pay fines after school starts with a pass from his/her teacher
  • Students should expect to pay a fine of 10 cents per day after the due date of a book 
  • Students with excessive late fees may have library check out privileges revoked
  • Student report cards will be held for fines over $0.50.  Report cards will be released after fines have been paid in full.